Maintenance for frameless shower enclosures is fairly simple. In fact, the beauty of these enclosures is the ease of after care for shower glass doors. You’ll be able to handle most of the care yourself at home, but there are also ways to make it easier through professional preventative measures.

At Home After Care for Shower Glass Doors

woman performs after care for shower glass doorsTo keep your glass looking like new for the long haul, you’ll need to squeegee it dry after each use. This prevents build up to help you avoid soap deposits or an unattractive film. We will provide a squeegee with every shower door we sell. You’ll also need to wipe the glass doors down with a mild detergent and water on occasion.

Keeping your shower door open when you’re not using it will help the shower stay dry in case you miss any spots, as well. The air circulation will prevent mildew growth.

What Not to Do

Proper after care for shower glass doors is about more than just cleaning. It’s also important to make sure that you’re not using the wrong products. Some cleaning agents or tools can harm your glass more than they help it. Items you should steer clear of include:

  • Bristle brushes or abrasive cleaning tools
  • Sharp instruments on the glass or the hardware
  • Cleaners with harsh chemicals, such as bleach, alcohol or solvents

Following directions for keeping your shower clean will also keep it in good condition for years to come. Think of keeping it in great shape as an investment, since custom frameless glass showers can improve the value of your home.

Professional Protectants

To make it easier to care for your glass, we can include a shower glass coating when we your shower door is fabricated in the factory. The coating helps maintain the clarity of your glass and makes it even simpler to keep clean. Additionally, the coating is invisible. It’ll prevent soap residue and other dirt or mold from building up without changing the look of your glass. This is especially useful if you have hard water / well water.

If you choose this method of keeping your glass shower doors and panels clean, we’ll take care of adding the coating for you and providing any maintenance you need for your shower enclosure going forward.

Shower Door Installation From Quality Frameless Showers

Once you choose the shower door and enclosure you prefer for your bathroom, we’ll work with you from measurement through installation and care. Trusting someone else to install your shower or handle your after care for frameless showers could result in a substandard product and poor customer service. Contact the experts at Quality Frameless Showers today instead — (410) 695-6988.