frameless sliding shower doors in a bathroomIf you want to give your bathroom an updated look but are worried about the amount of space you have, sliding shower doors are the answer. No matter the size of your bathroom, you can have the sophisticated look you want and add value to your home. With minimal hardware for a modern look, our custom sliding shower doors will help you get the bathroom of your dreams.

Benefits of Frameless Sliding Shower Doors

Frameless sliding shower doors are ideal in situations where a door that swings open isn’t feasible. Not every bathroom has enough space to accommodate a hinged shower door. However, these spaces still deserve style and class.

Shower doors that slide are also very easy to open and close. They glide smoothly back and forth with little effort. This quality makes them perfect for children, older adults, and those with mobility issues that may have trouble with other kinds of shower doors.

Choosing Your Sliding Shower Door

When it comes to sliding shower doors, there are a few options. First and foremost, you need to choose between single and double sliding doors. Single sliding doors feature a single door alongside a fixed glass panel. This option is ideal in spaces where you’re only able to enter the shower from one side. It’s also great for providing a simple, clean look.

With double sliding doors, both glass panels can glide back and forth. This design offers more versatility in terms of accessing the shower from the outside. Of course, both of these options are available as full showers or for installation over a tub.

Customizing Your Look

With Quality Frameless Showers, you have choices regarding types of glass. Often, glass has a slight green hue. For this reason, we offer the option of Starphire glass, which eliminates that green tinge for a completely clear look. We also provide a variety of glass thicknesses to choose from, so that you can get the style you want down to the smallest detail.

We also offer a variety of hardware options to help you create a truly unique shower. From an assortment of aesthetic styles to twenty different finishes, we make it easy to achieve the look you want.

Explore Your Options with Quality Frameless Showers

If you’re interested in adding frameless sliding shower doors to your bathroom, reach out to Quality Frameless Showers. From measurements, design, and all the way through installation, we do all of the work ourselves so that you never have to deal with outside contractors. Our name says it all, so call Quality Frameless Showers today at (410) 695-6988 for a quote.