modern bathroom and tub including corner shower doorsCorner shower doors give your shower (and whole bathroom, for that matter) an open concept look. Generally, this type of shower includes what is essentially a wall of glass to provide a 90 degree angle either to the door or to a glass panel. This is what creates the “corner” in corner shower glass doors. Explore your options for this type of frameless glass shower below.

Choosing a Layout

The layout for corner shower doors largely depends on the layout of the shower you want to install. Two walls should be existing walls, one of which that should include your temperature adjustment. The shower head itself may either go on one of the existing walls or on the ceiling, depending on your preference. Some individuals opt for both to get a full luxury spa experience.

One of the glass “walls” will include your shower door and often a panel as well. The last glass “wall” will consist of a screen or a panel, depending on size.

Corner Shower Doors Design Options

Apart from your layout, you have a number of other design options to choose from. Some of these include:

There’s a variety of glass types and thicknesses you can choose from. Often, glass has a greenish hue to it. If you prefer something that’s entirely clear, you have the option of Starphire glass. The thickness of glass you select largely depends on your aesthetic preferences.

Two of the most popular glass thicknesses for corner shower glass doors are ⅜ inch and ½ inch. However, if you choose glass that is thinner than ⅜ inches, we can’t provide frameless options for stabilization reasons.

Your hardware for your frameless shower door is where you can really let the personality of the room shine. You’ll be able to choose the finish, style, and type of hardware that you’d like for any corner shower doors in your home.

Corner Shower Doors Installation from Quality Frameless Showers

Don’t trust your corner shower glass doors to just anyone. Our strength is in our name — we provide a quality product from beginning to end. Our team will be with you from measurement through installation and beyond.
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