modern bathroom with frameless hinged shower door and panel showerWhen you have a larger shower stall, a glass door alone isn’t always enough to cover the entire opening. When this occurs, adding a panel to the top and/or the side can give you the coverage you need. Our frameless hinged shower door and panel sets use minimal hardware so you still get the sleek frameless shower door look. Learn more about your options for frameless shower door and panel sets.

Selecting Your Frameless Hinged Shower Door and Panel

While some choices will depend on space and practicality, others are primarily for aesthetics.

Left or Right Side Half Panel

Depending on which way your door swings, you can either choose to put the door on the left or right side. If you have a half wall, you can also opt for half a glass panel to add style to your shower.

Double Doors

For a classy, luxurious look, consider double doors to fill up the extra space. You can have these installed swinging in or out, depending on your preferences.

Double Panel

Depending on how wide the opening is, you may decide to go for a panel on either side of the door.

Large Panel

If you have space for double doors, but prefer not to go that route, an equal-sized large glass panel is a solid option.

Accessorizing Your Shower

At Quality Frameless Showers, we offer multiple options for frameless shower door hardware. You can choose the style and finish that looks best in your space for both the hinges and the handle. In addition, you may want to add matching shower rails inside or outside for safety purposes.

Quality Frameless Shower Door Installation

If you’re not sure what’s going to work best in your bathroom, Quality Frameless Showers can help you decide on your ideal options. We’ll come out, take measurements, and give you recommendations as well as a quote. Once you’re ready to move forward, our qualified team will handle the installation process. You know you’re getting the best in the industry because we never subcontract our work out.

To learn more about frameless hinged shower door and panel options or get your free quote today, call (410) 695-6988.