light tan stone bathroom with glass shower enclosureHave you been considering a frameless glass shower enclosure for your bathroom? If so, you should know that there are numerous benefits to adding one of these to your home, apart from simple aesthetic value. In addition, you can customize your shower to your liking. Discover the right frameless glass shower enclosure for your home.

What are the Benefits of a Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure?

First and foremost, these showers will give your bathroom an updated, more modern look. This often also increases your home value and buyer interest. Updated bathrooms are high on the list of demands that homebuyers have, making a frameless glass shower a great investment for the future.

These showers also make your bathroom look larger. Without a shower curtain or older framed shower blocking out half the room, you can see the entire bathroom. Since your shower will primarily consist of glass, it’s also fairly low-maintenance and easy to care for. You won’t need to replace it regularly like you would with a shower curtain or deal with the rust issues that come with a lot of metal.

Customization Options for Your Frameless Glass Shower

Depending on the layout of your bathroom and where you choose to place your new shower enclosure, you can choose from a variety of shower door configurations. Some of these include:

  • Neo angle shower doors — If you’re looking for an interest piece in your bathroom, these are ideal. A neo angle shower enclosure consists of any glass shower that doesn’t include glass panels at 90 degrees or 180 degrees (inline showers)
  • Single shower doors — These are, essentially, exactly what they sound like. You can add a single shower door to the front of a shower that’s enclosed on three sides.
  • Corner shower doors — For a modern twist on a traditional look, corner shower doors consist of two glass walls and two solid walls. These generally create a square and are cut at 90 degrees.

These three are the most popular options for glass shower doors, though you might also opt for sliding shower doors or door and frameless hinged shower door and panels.

Once you’ve chosen your frameless glass shower enclosure, you can also customize your hardware, glass color, and glass thickness.

Shower Door Installation and Care from Quality Frameless Showers

Whether you’re in Maryland, DC, or Northern Virginia, Quality Frameless Showers can provide you with expert quality frameless glass shower enclosures. We’ll work with you to learn what your preferences are, take measurements of your bathroom, and give you a quote that matches your needs.

Once you’ve decided on the right frameless glass shower for you, we’ll also take care of installation and care. To get your quote today, give us a call at (410) 695-6988.