bathtub shower doors in a white marble bathroomWhile frameless shower doors are most common on standalone showers, they’re also available for bathtubs. Additionally, you can opt for either sliding or swinging bathtub shower doors. Either way, these frameless glass doors offer a modicum of elegance to your tub/shower combo. Find out more about your options for frameless bathtub doors.

Swing vs Sliding

On tub/shower combinations, swinging doors generally don’t span the whole length of the tub. Instead, they operate as a screen in front of the showerhead to prevent water from spraying outside the tub. Swinging bathtub shower doors will always swing out rather than in to avoid collision with the hardware in the shower.

Sliding bathtub doors, on the other hand, do span the entire length of tub and can provide more privacy and protection from water. Sliding doors are also often easier to open and close, and are less likely to be hazardous to those with disabilities.

Glass Customization Options

When most people think of glass screens, they think of 90-degree corners. The beauty of customizable frameless bathtub doors is that you have the option to go with these harder corners or you can opt to round them off. This makes it easier to get the aesthetic you’re going for in your bathroom.

Additionally, you can choose your glass color and thickness. Frosted or tinted glass can give you more privacy. Starphire, on the other hand, gives you a clearer finish than regular glass, which tends to have a greenish hue.

Choosing Hardware for Your Bathtub Shower Doors

Whether your frameless bathtub doors are sliding or swinging, you’ll need hardware for them. You can choose everything from your finish to the particular style that matches your existing bathroom hardware. Ladder handles and tubular handles are particularly popular, but you can also choose from more intricate styles.

Frameless Bathtub Doors Installation From Quality Frameless Showers

If you’re considering upgrading your bathtub shower doors, make sure that you hire professionals to measure and install your doors. Changing from an old shower curtain to a frameless glass door can increase your home value and make your bathroom a more peaceful, welcoming space in your home.

Don’t trust the installation to anyone but the experts at Quality Frameless Showers. We believe in seeing the process through from beginning to end. We’ll take measurements, give you a quote, and do the installation ourselves. Call (410) 695-6988 today to set up a consultation and begin beautifying your home.