single shower doors and panel in new bathroomSingle glass shower doors offer a variety of options for styles and layouts, depending on what you’re looking for. In comparison to sliding shower doors, swinging single shower doors provide a more sophisticated and elegant look for your bathroom. Explore your options for these types of doors to decide if they’ll work well for your home.

Choose The Layout That Works For You

Your options for door layout include:

  • Handle on the left
  • Handle on the right
  • Door and transom with handle on the left
  • Door and transom with handle on the right

Transoms give you a full enclosure feel, while those without can make the room feel more open. Additionally, being able to choose which side the door goes on gives you the freedom to maximize your bathroom space.

Choose The Style That Fits Your Aesthetic

What your door attaches to is just as important as the door you choose. You might opt for any of the following:

Shower Glass Panel

The rest of your shower may be tile or another material, but your door will connect with a stable glass panel.

Inline Shower Door

Much like it sounds, an inline shower door consists of panels and a door that are in line with each other, or at 180 degrees.

Frameless Glass Shower Door

One of the most popular types of shower doors is the frameless shower door, since its custom made and attractive.

Single Shower Doors From Quality Frameless Showers

Whichever type of single shower door you choose, or the hardware you choose to go with it, Quality Frameless Showers can meet your needs. We’ll work with you from ordering to measuring and installation. You’ll never have to work with a subcontractor or worry about who’s going to be taking care of your bathroom. To learn more about single glass shower doors or get a quote, give us a call at (410) 695-6988.