brand new bathroom with frameless neo angle shower doorsNeo angle shower doors give you that frameless glass shower look with a twist. These enclosures are more angular and add some interest to your bathroom. Unlike corner shower doors, which are at a 90 degree angle and create a square, frameless neo angle shower doors, panels, and walls create a pentagon. Learn more about your options for this type of shower, from custom hardware to specific types of glass.

Choosing From Neo Angle Shower Doors Options

Generally, frameless neo angle shower doors enclosures include two large glass panels and a door. However, there are a number of configurations you can choose from when designing the shower for your bathroom.

For example, you may opt to put the door front and center, or you may decide to put it at an angle instead. You can also choose to do half panels and half walls instead of pure glass if it lends itself better to your layout.

Deciding on Glass Color and Thickness

Naturally, glass has a green tint to it. However, you have options to avoid the tint altogether with Starphire glass products. This glass appears to be much more clear than typical glass. If the aesthetic of your bathroom doesn’t match either of these products, you could opt for a gray tinted glass or even go frosted.

Glass thickness is also a strongly aesthetic choice. You can go for either ⅜ inch or ½ inch. However, going any thinner requires a frame and thicker glass is too heavy.

Hardware Options for Neo Angle Shower Doors

Choosing your hardware sets the stage for the look of your bathroom. Frameless shower doors are largely glass, but you do have a few customizable options.

When choosing your handle, you’ll be able to choose by style and finish. A few of the different styles you can choose from include:

  • Tubular
  • Ladder
  • Square
  • Mitered
  • Hera
  • Victorian

All of these styles also come in a variety of finishes. Whether your bathroom is chrome or bronze, you can find a finish that will complement it well. You can also select hinges to match.

Neo Angle Shower Doors for Your Bathroom

You shouldn’t entrust the installation of your frameless neo angle shower doors and enclosure to just anyone, but to the experts. At Quality Frameless Showers, we believe in doing the job from start to finish. We’ll come to your home, measure, give you an appropriate quote, and then stick with you through the installation process. If you’re ready to get your free quote, give us a call today at (410) 695-6988.